Why is the hyperlink to my digital card not active in SMS messages?

Posted: 7/20/2017


If you are experiencing problems with the hyperlink of your digital card not being active in the SMS message when you share your card with others, it is due to a bug in Apple iOS. We have reached out to Apple regarding this issue but have not received a reply as to when the bug will be fixed. In the interim, we have provided a working solution to mitigate the problem to the best ability. 

So what's the Apple iOS bug?

When sending a text message (SMS) to an unknown person, The Apple iOS bug converts hyperlinks, included in the SMS message, to plain text - making the hyperlink unclickable. The reason for this consist of a few variables but here are three:

In Apple’s latest iOS, 10.3.2, a user is unable to click on a hyperlink in a text message if the following happens…

  • The user when they receive the text message is already within another existing text message conversation. This can either mean the user is looking at another conversation or engaging in another conversation.
  • The text message is sent from either a long code or short code, and there are no previous messages stored on that user’s mobile phone from that long code or short code. Either that long code or short code hasn’t text messaged that user ever before, or the user has deleted the previous text messages from that long code or short code off their mobile phone.
  • Then instead of exiting out of the existing text message conversation, and opening the new text message, the user clicks the pop-up that appears after receiving the new text message, that then immediately takes them to the text message they just received.

The solution is to include something like the following text copy in your text messages with hyperlinks. This text copy can be placed either after the hyperlink or at the very end of your text message.

“Not able to click on the link? Reply RESEND”

Then when a user replies with the SMS keyword “RESEND”, you either re-send the entire text message to them or just the hyperlink. By resending the text message to the user, the user will be able to click on the links in that text message, because they will have received a previous message from your long code or short code.

Our Solution and How It Affects Switchit Users.

The welcome SMS message that accompanies your digital business card will now read as follows:

It was great meeting you. Click the link below to view my digital business card. If you are unable to click on the link, reply RESEND.
Thank you
If the person you share your digital card with replies back to you, via SMS, with RESEND - simply resend him or her your digital business card by re-entering their phone number and resending your digital card. We know this may be a pain but until Apple fixes the bug, this is the solution our team has arrived at that will work. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will continue looking for fixes, on our end, until Apple fixes the bug.
Thank you!
Team Switchit
Link to article detailing the problem